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God’s gift

The greatest that God has given in a more graphical way is the gift of salvation.




Most of the students tends to relax after the exams thinking that the world has ended and so enjoy carelessly by indulging themselves in nasty drinks.

Facebook Privacy Settings – Teach your students

After talking to the many students I teach, it is very clear that the majority do not seem to understand the Privacy setting on Facebook. This is obviously a massive concern, due to the sheer numbers of students across the country/world on Facebook.

I decided to remedy the situation during my year 9/3rd year project ‘Your Digital World‘.

For 15 – 20 minutes (however long it takes) at the beginning of each lesson this week, I gave students a tour of the Facebook privacy and profile settings. Some students knew some of the settings, but I would say the majority knew very little.

Students got really involved and asked plenty of questions. At the end of every lesson I have taught, they had said they were going to change the settings as soon as they got home.

I would encourage all schools to teach this information to their students…

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Google Doodle’s with Moby Dick!!



After a small lot of non-techie posts, I thought of falling back on track…

Lets see what today’s got to say to you!

Google Doodle‘s!!

As you might have seen(obviously, a web surfer’s first choice so I dont have to say what the Doodle look like for today but since the policy to write a post always includes the known stuff as well) the Google Doodle for the day is in account of the 161st anniversary of the publication of Moby Dick, one of the great classics of American literature.

The Doodle depicts a plot from the book, where the story is as seen through the eyes of sailor Ishmael and describing his voyage adventures on the whaleship Pequod that was under the command of Captain Ahab.

Captain Ahab’s was set to find and take revenge on Moby Dick, a violent, mysterious white sperm whale who has bitten…

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It is more bles…

It is more bles….


It is more bles…

It is more blessing to give than to receive